About Us

About the Company

Marigold Nursing, LLC is licensed by the state of Florida as a nurse registry. We are located at 3175 S Congress Avenue, Suite 204E, Palm Springs, FL 33461. Marigold Nursing, LLC serves the Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Indian River, Martin, and Okeechobee counties. Marigold Nursing, LLC prides itself on providing the best quality caregivers in your home, hospital or facility. Marigold Nursing, LLC “makes quality of life transcends” as we make living becomes easier for your loved-ones.   

About the Founders

In an effort to satisfy similar dreams and aspirations, the company was founded by Saura-Anne Miller and Phoebe Miller in September of 2017. Saura-Anne has always had a passion for nursing and believed she could help improve the health of the public with the necessary knowledge and skills. She therefore pursued her second undergraduate studies in Nursing at the Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. Prior to pursuing a second bachelor, Saura-Anne had achieved her first bachelor in Management Studies. During her years as a travelling registered nurse, she strived to make a positive difference in each patient's life as her clinical practice skills epitomize the core values that are the essence of a professional nurse; care, respect, integrity, diversity, and excellence.  

More About the Founders

Phoebe Miller on the other hand, has over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience and skills. As a result, he has developed lasting relationships with those he interfaces through his expertise and professional work over the years. Phoebe has a very diverse background where he is skilled in multiple different trades. Together, Saura-Anne and Phoebe Miller made Marigold Nursing, LLC a reality to suit your loved-ones’ needs.